Build a Strong Personal Brand Training Course:

Key features

  • 4 hours of high quality e-learning content
  • Learn best strategies to become digital rock star
  • Master the art of getting hired on Social Media
  • Become great at online reputation management
  • Create an impactful online image

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Course Details

Course description

Our personal branding course will help you  manage the way you're perceived online. You will be able to utilize the digital media to build a network, increase credibility and reach your professional goals by creating an effective personal brand.

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Find job opportunities and business leads with social media and referrals

  • Prepare for an interview with Social Media

  • Use social media to build your network and increase credibility

  • Leverage social channels to find points of common interest and experience with networking targets

  • Optimize your personal posting style to impact the way people perceive you online.

  • Understand the difference in using social media personally versus using it professionally

Everyone looking to progress in their career. Any person who wants to leverage the power of digital media to build a strong personal brand can take this course and benefit from it.

Course Preview

  • 1.1 An Introduction to Personal Branding
  • 2.1 How to Win Friends and Influence People Via Social Media
  • 3.1 Finding Job Opportunities and Business Leads with Social Media
  • 4.1 Preparing for an Interview or Networking Event with Social Media
  • 5.1 Using Reddit and Pinterest to Become a More Interesting Person
  • 6.1 Optimizing Your Personal Profile Across Social Media
  • 7.1 The Pros and Cons of Mixing Business and Personal on Social Media