Developing Solutions for Google Cloud Platform (CPD200) Training:

Key features

  • 24 hours of instructor-led training
  • 10 lab exercises with Google cloud platform
  • Hands-on practice projects, with GCP
  • Authorised training partner of Google

Exam & certification

How do you become a certified Google Cloud Platform Qualified Solution Developer (CPD200)?

Note - This exam is not available until the next Google official announcement


To receive the Google Cloud Platform Qualified Solution Developer (CPD200) certification, follow these steps:

Step 1: Attend a formal training course (CP100A, CPD200)

Step 2: Register for the online exam (CPD200) after completing the training

Step 3: Score 75 percent or higher on the exam

What are the prerequisites for this course?

The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Complete the CP100A Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals course (or equivalent experience)

  • Proficiency with command line tools and Linux operating system environments


What do I need to do to earn my Digital Evolution Orbit certificate?

Online Classroom:

 Attend one complete batch.

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Course Details

Course description

These Developing Solutions for Google Cloud Platform (CPD200) course will introduce you to solution and application development for the popular Google Cloud Platform. Through instructor-led online classrooms, demonstrations and hands-on labs, you’ll learn how to design, structure, configure and test cloud-based applications using Google App Engine, Google Cloud Datastore and Google Cloud Endpoints.

  • Cloud Endpoint API using the API Explorer

  • Deploy an application to App Engine using the App Engine SDK

  • Design, structure and configure an App Engine application using multiple services

  • Create Client IDs using the Google Cloud Platform Console

  • Secure App Engine services and Cloud Endpoints APIs using authentication

  • Configure and upload new versions of App Engine services

  • Integrate Google Cloud Logging into App Engine applications

  • Review quota usage in a Google Cloud Platform project

  • Integrate different types of storage with App Engine applications

  • Create and implement a data model for use with Google Cloud Datastore

  • Implement a variety of queries in Google Cloud Datastore

  • Update the index configuration in Google Cloud Datastore

  • Implement transactions using Google Cloud Datastore

  • Review Google Cloud Trace reports in the Google Cloud Platform Console

  • Integrate the Memcache API into an App Engine application to increase performance

  • Configure, run and review the output of Google Cloud Security Scanner

  • Configure the scaling behavior of individual App Engine Services

  • Create App Engine handlers for Push Task Queues

  • Send email from an App Engine application using the Mail API

  • Schedule Tasks in App Engine using the Cron Service

  • Update the configuration of the Cron Service

  • Secure Task Push and Cron Service handlers

  • Export Google Cloud Platform data from a project

  • Delete Google Cloud Platform projects and resources

This course is an essential requirement for experienced application developers who need to understand how to migrate applications to the cloud and create native, cloud-based applications for the Google Cloud Platform.