Data Science/Analytics Services Offerings

Analytic Advisory

For clients wanting to modernize, optimize and scale the ways they conduct, deploy and manage analytics.
We provide business assessments & strategies related to analytics. Help setup and manage analytic CoEs.

Analytic Discovery

For clients wanting to explore the potential value of analytics or pilot analytics to address an immediate business issue.
We leverage sample data from client, conduct advanced analytics and deliver insights into viability and initial analytic discoveries.

Analytic Resources

For clients looking to expand their existing analytic team or are looking for ongoing analytic process management.
We provide data scientists to augment internal client teams and/or staff to manage ongoing analytic models and processes.

Analytic Consulting

For clients who are looking for experts to lead an effort applying analytics to address a specific business issue.
We deploy a team of analytics experts to design and execute analysis to address critical business issues.

Analytic Solutions

For clients ready to put analytics into production to transform business processes, applications and operations
We design, develop and support enterprise analytic solutions which are integrated into ongoing business operations.

Analytic Platform

For clients/partners looking for a hosted platform upon which they can build their own analytic solutions.
We provision, host and support a complete stack of technology necessary to develop and maintain enterprise analytic solutions.

Analytic Applications

For client with common needs looking for best practice approaches to leverage data to improve business processes.
We provide pre-packaged analytic applications and services designed to support pre-defined business processes.

Data Science Portfolio

Supply Chain

  • Machine failures Prediction
  • Sensor Analytics
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Demand & Supply planning
  • Profitability forecast

Customer Experience

  • Social Media Influence Strategy & Impact
  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Churn Modeling
  • Customer Targeting
  • Risk Prediction
  • Online customer experience

Sales & Portfolio Optimization

  • In store profiling
  • Pipeline conversion model
  • Channel Partner Coverage
  • Portfolio Optimization

What we do

Synthesize internal, external, structured, unstructured data to enable priorities.