Manufacturing Value at Stake

  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Decreased asset losses and theft
  • Longer life of machinery and equipment
  • Higher plant uptime
  • Avoidance of accidental or purposeful downtime

Process/Supply Chain Efficiencies

  • Reduced scrap and rework costs
  • Lower risk of IP theft
  • Decreased planning costs
  • Reduced inventory carrying cost
  • Optimization of inbound/ outbound fleet operations and warehouse operations
  • Improved quality control

Smart City

Smart Parking

Revenue from dynamic pricing, data sales, and fines cost reductions fuel savings

Smart Lighting

Energy and OpEx savings; crime reduction (and corresponding impact on real estate value)

Smart Waste Pickup

Smart vehicle routing; reduced fleet size and maintenance

Traffic Optimization

Reduced travel time and increased fuel savings; lower operating costs for buses; improved traffic incident management

Environmental Sensing

Data sales

Smart Buildings

Energy and OpEx savings

Retail Value

  • Supply Chain/Logistics Efficiency – Reduced out-of-stocks; improved fleet operations; assortment optimization
  • Improved Customer Experience – Personalized promotions; Interactive point-of-purchase capabilities; higher revenue from self-service channels; Smart lockers; incremental in-store sale ; higher online revenues; revenue lift from “endless aisle” capabilities

Healthcare – ITO Analytics

Achieving service stability through big data binded ito service analytics


  • Ensure patient safety
  • Improve quality of care
  • Improve cost efficiency
  • Support cooperation and coordination of care giving services
  • Meet public expectations

Despite the technological advances, the health care ITO has its own set of challenges. Healthcare has moved from a community driven approach to personalized care, witnessing an ever increasing data output both in size and type. Deciphering the data to elucidate answers for issues of the patient and the system in a cost effective way is the key to success.

Ensuring Patient Safety & Improve Quality of Care

  • Collection and storing data from sensors, RFID, individual case history
  • Enable Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Proactively address risk, improve quality and processes.
  • Personalized Medicine: Genomic, Proteomic and Metabolic data – protein foot prints and gene expresssion
  • Text analytics in searching literature with big data
  • Nursing documentation

Support cooperation and coordination of care giving services

  • Interface existing heterogeneous systems.
  • Using a common database for all applications/creation of new IT Platform.
  • Implement a common suite of clinical applications from a single vendor.

Meet public expectations

  • Timely access to primary care, specialists, diagnostics, and treatment
  • Electronic medical records
  • Cost reduction – avoiding redundancy – preventive community care through predictive analysis
  • Sentiment analysis – social media analytics
  • More resources/options provided for disease prevention and health promotion
  • The use of latest technology for treatment

Improve cost efficiency – Creation of a New Gen IT platform with big data blocks

  • Big Data – harnesses all the disparate information within clinical, laboratory, claims, and other systems. Load and filter data in seconds – save the biggest cost in healthcare – time.
  • The key: in-memory computing technology, which can analyze huge data sets rapidly and provide a single source of truth for transactions and analyses.
  • Real-time, highly personalized medical insights from any source –  enhances preventive care

Air Passenger – ITO Analytics

Passenger Analytics

Passenger Analytics is an industry tailored BI & analytics solution designed to provide real-time business insights to improve decision making and inform actions that positively impact customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability

Improve passenger experience

  • Quick identification and action to resolve customer satisfaction issues
  • Improve customer interactions at every touch point
  • Quickly develop/adapt new processes for customer service personnel

Generate cost savings

  • Identify and mitigate non-compliant behavior
  • Reduce transaction costs by detection and restriction web site attacks/Screen scraping
  • Reduce marketing costs and time to market

Increase revenues

  • Deliver personalized, real-time offers and content through the best channels at the right times
  • Marketing optimization and campaign management
  • Personalized offers/loyalty promotions

Efficient Data integration

  • Rely on a single source of PSS data that supports better decision making
  • Eliminate data latency and synchronization issues
  • Common data attributes and definitions contained in business area data models

Passenger Analytics

Analytics as-a-service


  • Access and analyze data from an industry –based airline data model providing a single view and definition across the enterprise
  • Leverage interactive pre-packaged dashboards providing performance insight on common KPIs
  • Fully integrated business rules management and complex event processing through an open source interface
  • Leverages industry leading Vertica for high performance BI and analytics queries.


  • Enable better decisions by predicting future trends and events
  • Increased revenues through top-down analysis of customers, markets, Channels, points of sale, fleet, products, routes, connections, operational factors.
  • Executives, business analysts and support teams all work from same consistent data source
  • Quickly execute what-if scenarios to response to market and competitve dynamics