REMO – IoT and Analytic solution

We have a thriving future for everyone by connecting data, devices, people, processes and things to the internet to create multifold opportunities. Our REMO IoT platform is an enabler for many of the control and automation eco system. Besides, it has edge data analytic capabilities and make better and more informed real-time decisions to get the best possible outcomes.

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Humidity Sensor
  • PIR sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Provision to add more Analog / Digital Sensors

Use cases

Industrial IOT

  • Security – Closed wireless networks and automobile operation management at factories
  • Safety – Gadget Monitoring and personal protection
  • Environment – Industrial water usage metering and leakage deduction

Smart City

  • Facility Management – Street light, parking lots, waste bins
  • Environment monitoring ( air quality, water levels at lakes and rivers)
  • Disaster and Hazzard detection – power station, landslide
  • Utilities – Water, Gas, Electricity monitoring and distribution
  • City Traffic – Parking lots, Short message digital Signage

Asset Management

Critical equipment, smart devices, instruments, produce, Fresh food, commercial building and residential building monitoring

Development Kit

Complete tool kit for Training, innovation and solution development


Custom built hardware

Based on the requirements, we design and fabricate new hardware and develop optimal drivers for best performance at low cost

Systems Integration and Testing

Domain expertise for complete End-to-End system integration, testing and validation

Edge Analytics Data Analysis

Our Data Science experts build data models and develop algorithms for specific applications and provide dashboards for monitoring and control

Consultancy Service

Evaluate the complete requirements and advise the best in class solution